Tentative confusion of families FINKELSTEIN & FINKLEMAN #general

Paul Silverstone

I thought readers might be interested in a curious bit of history.
And a possible confusion between two families - FINKELSTEIN and FINKLEMAN.
My great=grandfather Tevel Finkelstein (1840-1929) arrived in Winnipeg
in 1882, the first of his family to arrive there. He had 32
grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren, plus the families of his two

I have just learned that the progenitor of the Finkleman family in
Winnipeg was also named Tevel - Tevel David Finkleman (1824-1914). He
had many grandchildren. Oddly the names of some of their
children/grandchildren appear in both families. Some people confuse the
two, although I am certain of my Tevel's descendants.

The Finkelsteins came >from Shumsk, Volhynia, starting in 1882. I do
not know where the Finklemans came from, but am going to see if there is
any info in the records.
There are a couple of unions between the two families, one or two
Paul Silverstone
New York
please reply to paulh@aya.yale.edu

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