GELMAN SAPOZNIKOV family in New York #general

Alon Mizrahi

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for information about my grandfather's family- GUROVICH >from
Bereznegovatoe, Nikolaev, Ukraine. All I know is that he had cousin who immigrated
to NY >from Leningrad during the 70s named Zina with her son Vadim GELMAN. Got info
that Vadim's wife name is Elena Nicolaevna Sapojnikov that was born on Nov 20th
1946. Their son- Nicolai Vadimovich who might carry the double name GELMAN
SAPOJNIKOV was born on May 1st 1976. I also have their previous address in

Does anyone know how can i find more info about them and trace them?

Thanks a lot,
Alon Mizrahi,
Holon, Israel.

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