Abramovich/Abrahamson family #general

Jill Anderson

I'm searching for cousins related to my Abrahamson family who lived in London but
were >from Lithuania originally. Some went to the USA and I found my cousins with
the surname NORR ( and Nore and Nurr) who lived in Brooklyn and are now in New
Jersey. Names associated with that family are STEINBERG and GARRETT. But I know
there is at least one other family ( probably in the US) which is also related.

The family was ABRAMOVICH in Lithuania and lived at some point in Rokiskis. They
were Yakov and Channa, nee SHUSTER (1856-1929). The children I know about were
Menachem Mendel (1880-1944), Moshe Yisroel (1885-1919), my grandfather, and Rochel
Ita who married Sam Norr and went to live in the USA. I know there was another
brother and I know there was another sister but in spite of my searching for many
years and using a researcher in Lithuania, I have not been able to find records of
this family, apart >from one mention of Rochel Ita in a 1908 family list in
Panevezys and a hospital record for her in Kaunas in 1909. She had two daughters-
Dorothy and Sara, who lived in Brooklyn, and I have traced both these families.

If any names sound familiar, please get in touch.

Thank you

Jill Anderson (Abrahamson)
London, UK

Also searching for SCHWARTZ and GINSBURG >from Rokiskis, Lithuania and Daugavpils,
Latvia; HAMILTON >from England, New York USA and Sydney, Australia; ALEXANDER >from
Jelgava, Latvia; JACOBSON >from Lomza, Poland and ROSENBERG >from Lomza, Poland.

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