Re: (Italy) Database of Foreign Jews Interned in Italy During World War II #general

Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>
Under Regioni & Provencie and Area Download- Internati-- Anna P. has 2 lists
for Ferramonti with 1807 and 3280 internees.
She also has lists throughout other Italian provinces & I think other

Bierman's book- Ship Pentcho left Bratislavia for Palestine with 500, has
some info on fate of people who left boat in Greece as well as those who
wound up in Ferramonti.

Ellen Barbieri
San Diego CA
Researcher # 8286

Tom Klein wrote:

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:31:20 -0400

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum also has the list of Jews >from Rhodes
interned at Ferramonti, 533 names, and it can be browsed:

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