Photos at Mt. Hebron, NY #general


I would greatly appreciate if someone would take a picture of my
parents' graves at Mt. Hebron in Queens, NY. Here is the information
for the location of the graves:

Max and Olga Rosenberg. They are buried in the Barnett Apple Lodge
section, Block: 69, Reference: 1, Section: A-C, Lot: , Line: 9,
Graves: 13 and 14.

Date of Death: 1/23/2007 (Olga)
Date of Death: 10/25/1981 (Max)

I would also appreciate a picture of my uncle's grave:

Block: 76
Reference: 49
Section: A-C
Line: 10
Grave: 26
Society: Roumanian Gomile Chesed
Date of Death: 4/14/1991

Thank you so much.
Siddy Rosenberg

MODERATOR NOTE: Please contact Siddy before heading to the cemetery
in order to avoid duplication of effort.

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