Re: searching for databases of Jews captured by Russians during WW2 #general

Jules Levin

What were the circumstances of this "capture"? I knew a Jew in my shul
many years ago who was an actual war prisoner of the Russians. He had
been in a Romanian Labor Battalion on the Eastern Front. Romania was
allied with Germany and contributed troops to the German offensive in
the south. I suspect many units, especially the labor units that
included Romanian Jews, surrendered rather quickly. This gentleman
always brought his home-made pickles to our kiddish, saying he was a
pickle-maker in the Romanian army. (The Romanian Army marches on its
pickles!) On the other hand, many young Jews who fled Eastward in 1939
when Poland was invaded >from two sides wound up drafted by the Red Army
or after Germany invaded Russia, put into the Polish units organized by
the Russians. Millions of Russian young men served in the Red Army
and their fates are unknown.

Jules Levin/ Los Angeles

On 7/15/2017 7:55 PM, Feige Elka Stern feigestern@... wrote:

I am hoping someone might be able to help me find out of there are
some databases or lists somewhere of Jews who were taken prisoners
into the Russian army during the war?

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