Requesting genealogy sleuthing assistance (WEISSBERG aka BIALOGORSKI, Lviv to USA) #general


Once again I'm reaching out to those who know more than I. My search
for missing relatives continue. This time, the person I am inquiring
about is Jozef Karol WEISSBERG, who also wrote under the name of Jozef
Bialogorski. Jozef was born in Stanislawow, Poland, 03 May 1887 to
Meir Weissberg and Chane Sara Gold. At some point, Jozef relocated to
L'viv and was working as an official in the tax department of the
local government. While in L'v he lived at Bema Street 12. He
officially changed his religion on 10 Feb 1921.

Fast forward to after the war's conclusion. While searching for his
uncle, Norbert Aleksandrowicz, a family historian told me of Norbert's
nephew, who had immigrated to the US. This nephew is the son of
Jozef's sister, Frydryka WEISSBERG ALEKSANDROWICZ.

Now my quest is to see if Jozef Karol WEISSBERG, aka BIALOGORSKI
entered the US >from L'viv at some point, most likely before 1935 or
after 1945. I've searched the databases in Ancestry and cannot find a
US entry for this person. I don't have the capability of obtaining
copies of Polish/Ukraine passports that might have been issued to

And that's where I am. Anyone who has any ideas, please contact me,
palekaiko@... and I will do the rest.


Michael Diamant

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