Eileen ISAACS, Merle OSHRY, and Pamela ISAACS #general


Dear All and especially Rhodesians,

Recently I discovered family in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe of whom we were not aware.

I am told that Eileen CHARLES, my maternal cousin (3d cousin) married Walter
ISAACS (who somehow is also on our maternal family tree) and had 2 children
Pamela ISAACS and Merle OSHRY. Does someone reading this know them or of them,

I am also looking for their close cousins, any children or grandchildren of
Annie and Jack MOSS of Bulawayo who died in the 1920s.

I am also looking for descendants of Lily and David BLUMBERG of Bulawayo.
I believe Marian/Marcia Landau died in Durban. So I am looking for a Child.
The other sister was Sophie Hannah Ruth who married a Mr Jacobson.

If anyone can help me I would be most grateful.

Thank you
Ros Romem

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