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Phyllis Kramer

Lisa Hunter posted: " I would be grateful for any information about
life in the latter half
of the 19th Century in the small Galician town of Ozydow (Ozhydiv),
now in Ukraine. Several generations of one branch of my family were
born and lived their lives there, but I've been unable to unearth much
about the town, beyond a hazardous train derailment occurring in recent
times, and nothing at all about how/why Jews came to live there..' is just one resource; why not use all the wonderful
resources at JewishGen??
here's what i would do...
first go to our community pages and click on gazetteer...thats where i
found Ozhidiv, Ozhidov, Ozhiduv, Ozhydiv at 4958/2449 in the Ukraine.
The town did not have a significant jewish population in early 1900s and
is not on our community pages...but appears on our gazetteer of *all*
towns in eastern europe.

click on the target icon for towns within 10 miles of Ozhidiv and
search for the nearest "Jewish" town...that is likely to be where the
market, synagogue and records were/are. And where you might find the
information you seek.

I found Olesko, 3 miles east which has a JewishGen community page...
but only 18 researchers on JGFF, like nearby Sokoluvka at 4.5 miles
but Bialy Kamien at 5 miles and Sassow at 7.5 miles have strong Jewish
genealogist interest...let me suggest you research those neighboring
towns...the life would be fairly similar...

if you want to know about the town life..i think books are the best
source. Very pertinent is Suzan Wynnes' "The Galitizianas: The Jews of
Galicia" and Andrew Zalewski's novels. For why and how they made the
trip, I especially like the first chapter of Irving Howe's great book,
"The World of Our Fathers, the Journey of the East European Jews to
America and the Life They Found and Made." Lastly, If you query our
25 years of archived'll find many other recommended

how about searching JGFF for your surnames keeping in mind the
neighboring towns??
(good that you registerred for your town on JGFF so that folks can
find you...but i would suggest adding your name to your JGFF
registration because folks dont always want to write to a
number...easy to do, just go to "myprofile" in the upper right corner
of the JewishGen page and click on on "change my contact
information" then scroll the way, once you are there you can
easily see your discussion group subscriptions, your JGFF entries and
your donation history)

Happy hunting!

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