Seeking MEISTER #general

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

Greetings to all:

My great grandmother was Sarah MEISTER who married Harry (Aaron) Newman.

Sarah's ship manifest shows she came with daughter to Boston, MA in 1900.

Sarah's parents, per her death certificate, were Isaac and Libby.

A Newman cousin relayed they vaguely recalled Sarah had a brother
Usher Meister who purchased land in New York.

Sarah and Harry's daughter, Lena, my mom's mom, became a US citizen
and noted place of birth was Vilna.

With the knowledge of Isaac Meister and Libby Meister being parents of
Sarah Meister and Usher (Abraham?) Meister, if these Meister names
possibly have meaning to you, please let me know. I really want to
expand knowledge of my Meister relatives based on the information
presented here, which is all I know at this time.

Thank you very much.

Scott Ehrlich, Winchester, MA, USA

Searching: Ehrlich/Kessler (Stanislov, Lviv, Ukraine/Austria),
Sherman/Feltman (Zaslavi, Ukraine), Cohen/Wolkowisky (Panosiskes,
Lithuania), Newman/Meister (Vilna, Russia)

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