Looking for contributions to the SA-SIG Newsletter! #general

Roy Ogus <r_ogus@...>

Just a reminder that the Southern African Special Interest Group
(SA-SIG) Newsletter is a high-quality journal which contains
articles of interest to researchers whose families have connections
to the Southern African area. Articles cover a wide variety of
topics such as:

--Jewish communities in SA
--Jewish personalities and families in SA
--Rabbis and congregations in SA
--South Africa-Israel connections
--Stories of SA ex-patriots in other parts of the world
--Detailed research topics
--Book and periodical reviews of interest

and many other topics.

Previous issues of the Newsletter, as well as information about the
SA-SIG Newsletter in general, can be found at the the following link:


I'm always on the lookout for original article contributions for the
Newsletter, as well as for references to previously-published articles
that may be of interest to the SA-SIG Newsletter readers. Please feel
free to contact me directly if you have any articles that you wish to
contribute to a future issue of the Newsletter.

Many thanks!

Roy Ogus

Editor, SA-SIG Newsletter, and Vice President, SA-SIG
Palo Alto, California
r_ogus at hotmail.com

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