Can LEWITHAN and LOEWENTHAL be versions of the same name? #general

Pat Fuller

To all the surname experts on this list:

I am wondering whether LEWITHAN (LEVITAN) and LOEWENTHAL can be versions of
the same surname? I am trying to determine whether a death certificate from
Konigsberg, East Prussia, >from 1926, for a Dora LOEWENTHAL, and a death
certificate >from Konigsberg >from 1900 referring to the widow as Rosa
Dorothea LEWITHAN may be referring to the same person. If so, the 1926
certificate may be my great-great grandmother's.

Please reply privately unless you think the response would be of general
interest. Many thanks.

Pat Redman Fuller (
Simi Valley, California, USA

RESEARCHING: FAINBOIM Basarabeasca Moldova; KAPLITS Ukmerge Lithuania;
LEVITAN Kaliningrad Russia; LIPPMAN Kaliningrad Russia or Taurage Lithuania;
MUSS Ukmerge Lithuania; NATHANSON Taurage Lithuania; RACHBUCH (RAICH) Hoceni
Romania; ROITMAN Carpineni Moldova; SHKOLNIK Hincesti Moldova

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