PLATO family and MEYER family from Emden #general

Joelle Meyer <joelle.meyer24@...>


I just joined the group on German Genealogy as I have been doing genealogy
research for 7 months only. I consider myself to be a beginner.

I live in Paris. My father was born in Emden. The other side of my family
on my Mother side is >from Alsace.

My native language is French and I am fluent in English. I used to speak
German at school but it was a long time ago. I speak Hebrew too

I have a few well known ancestors such as Samson Raphael Hirsch (my great
great grandfather) and Immanuel Plato (my great grandfather) as well as
the Joel Family >from Moisling with rabbi Ephraim Fischel Joel or the wahl
Katzenellenbogen on my mother side.

Today my focus is on the Plato family and the Meyer family >from Emden.
Any share of information on Emden would be greatly appreciated. For example
I do not have any information the parent of Philipp Uri Meyer born in Emden
in 1826 Any information on the family of my grandmother Esther Alice Plato
is welcomed too (Stetten, Stuttgarter, Michel is the name of her grandparent
and I have absolutely no information on them)

My ancestors are mostly coming >from Emden, Altona, Frankfurt, Halberstadt

Any information is welcomed

Best regards

Joelle Meyer

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