Prince Alexis Baranova #general

Shneor Morosow <shneor.m@...>

Dear fellow researchers,

I'm seeking help in identifying a Prince Alexis Baranova. According to
a 1911 New York Times article, he was an uncle of Gregor A Gaitz-Hocky,
a Russian violinist who I suspect was a distant relative of mine.

Here's a quote >from the article for some context: "While leading the
orchestra at the Knickerbocker Hotel, three years ago, he created a
small stir by being recognized by his uncle, Prince Baronova, who was on
a world tour looking for his lost nephew. His uncle wanted him to return
to Russia, it was said, promising him an inheritance if he entered the
Imperial Army, but the violinist refused."

Is it possibly the person in this Wikipedia article
[or --Mod.]

According to another source, Gaitz-Hocky's mother was a Polish countess.

Any thoughts or tips, would be appreciated.


Shneor Morosow
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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