Viewmate Translation Request - Polish #general

Susan Rosin

Hello Genners,

I've posted several birth records in Polish for which I need a translation.
I am interested in as many details as possible. They are all on ViewMate at
the following addresses:

My GF - Moses Oher (b. 1880)

My GF's sister - Reche Oher (b. 1882)

My father's oldest sister - Maria Oher (b. 1907)

My father's second sister - Anna Oher (b. 1911)

My Father - Jozef Joachim Oher (b. 1914)

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you so much,

Susan Oher - Rosin
Brea, CA
Researching Allerhand, Bardach, Morgenstern, Oher all >from Galicia: Stryj,
Boryslaw, Knihinicze, Schodnica

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