HECHT from Kolomea #general

Shelley Mitchell

Dear Genners -

I was reminded of a story recently and wonder if it resonates with anyone out
there. My grandparents came to America >from Kolomea in 1920 with my mother and
lived in New York City. Her maiden name was Pesia Beile (Bertha) TERNER false
MOLDAUER. When my grandmother's mother died, her father, Szymon (Shimon) MOLDAUER
remarried a woman named HECHT. I think her first name was Feige I believe she
might have had a son, Heinrich, who escaped to Shanghai with my uncles. My
grandmother never spoke to her father again. Except for two brothers long gone,
no one is known to have survived Shoah. Apparently, years later, a HECHT relative
wanted to visit my grandmother and she refused. If anyone knows of this story and
is a descendent of Feige HECHT, I'd love to be contacted privately. I'm convinced
that, like many marriages and remarriages, HECHT might also be a blood relative.

Thank you. Shelley Mitchell

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