Information and photos required to Update Jekabpils kehilalink #general

Arlene Beare

I have not updated my Jekabpils Kehilalink for a number of years. If you
have any family connections to Jekabpils I would love to hear >from you. I
would be happy to put photos of Ancestors on the Ancestors photos page. The
photos should be in jpg format and not of living persons. If you have
travelled to Jekabpils and have photos or information about your trip please
send them to me.

Prior to the 1917 Russian revolution, Kreutzburg (Krustpils), a small
shtetl, was located in the Latvian part of the Pale of Settlement and
Jekabpils, a large town, was outside the Pale. They were separated by the
Daugava River. Jekabpils fell under Courland and Krustspils under Vitebsk.
After 1917, the Pale was done away with and Kreutzburg (Krustpils) became
part of Jekabpils. I am happy to include photos or information relating to
Krustpils on the Jekabpils page.

Arlene Beare UK
Dorfman (born Birzai Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Scher/Blum(born Pandelys Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Berman (born Lygumai Lithuania and then lived in Jekabpils Latvia
Samuels - Benjamin and brother Joseph Poland Krakow and Zychlin
Dembinski Zychlin
Ring Poland

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