Seeking Rebecca PERLSON (Perelzon) #general

Aubrey Jacobus <aajacobus@...>

In a desperate to solve a family mystery I am seeking some information about
a Rebecca Perlson (Rebecca Perelzon Pearlson) who seems to have vanished >from
the UK records although there is strong evidence she was in Hull (UK) where
her son Lazarus Goldstone was born in 1872. Her older children were all born
in "Russia" possibly in the Bialostok region. Her name appears in later
censuses as the mother of three children of whom she was most certainly not
the mother. Her "husband" Jacob Meyer Goldstone had 3 more children by Shane
Bala Jane Franklin whose marriage can not be found and who eventually assumed
the title as widow of Jacob Goldstone in the 1891 census after the death of
Jacob Meyer Goldstone.

Perelzon is fairly uncommon

The absence of a record of marriage between Shane Bala Jane Franklin or a
record of the death of Rebecca Perlson.
It seems unlikely that Rebecca Perlson would desert 3 children and vanish.
Why did Jacob Goldstone perpetrate this charade.

After 20 years pursuit on an answer I must defeat

Aubrey Jacobus

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