Journey from Fastow to America #general

Myrna Goodman

Dear Genners:

My paternal grandparents' (David and Lena Ostrofsky) journey to
America was not as straightforward. Their travels were >from Novy
Fastow/Skvira/Odessa (?) to Antwerp. Various locations are mentioned,
but my pgf's naturalization papers state his last place of residence
was Fastow Russia. >from Antwerp they sailed on the Rynland to
Glasgow, Scotland. They left on the Columbia >from Glasgow to NYC on
June 30th, arriving on July 8, 1906. They were detained at Ellis
Island (my grandmother was in the advanced stages of pregnancy), but
released the following day. My aunt was born 9 days later at a
lying-in hospital in NYC.

I am hoping someone will help me understand 1) what port they may have
left >from on their journey to Antwerp and what that journey might have
been like; 2) why they did not leave >from the more common ports of
Hamburg or Bremen; and 3) are there any articles on Jewishgen (or
elsewhere) that describe the process of migration >from Russia to the U.S.

I have many kind Genners to thank for much of the information I have
about my grandparents, including one who searched out the location
mentioned in their release >from Ellis Island to see if the address
and/or building still existed. Another Genner was able to confirm my
Aunt's birth date through research at the NYC public library files.

As always, please accept my sincere gratitude in advance for any
information you might be able to pass along.

Myrna Goodman, PhD
Emerita Professor, Sociology
Director, Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, Ca 94928

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