Descendants of Moshe of Kletzk-18th cent. #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

In my ABRAMOWITZ family there is a certain source that we are
descendant of a Moshe of Kletzk who was also the father of a Rabbi
David who served as the Rav of Novarodok >from 1799 till about 1850.
The sources I have seen do not mention a family name for either Moshe
or David.

Several years ago, when I first posted this subject I was contacted by
an OGULNICK family in the USA who told me that they were descendants
of Rabbi David and would be happy to include my branch to their family
tree data. I couldn't comply as my family source did not give exact

As I mentioned above we , supposedly, stem >from Moshe qnd not from
David who went to Novarodok to be their Rabbi, but my ABRAMOWITZ
ancestors do hail >from Novarodok, so it could be that David's brother
(my unamed ancestor) went to live there also.

I was told by someone on this forum that David went under the family
name of TCHEMERINSKY but I have found no other source to confirm this
fact. (Prof. Chaim WEITZMAN, first President of Israel was a member of
this family).

Rabbi David's son-in-law who published (David's) book was a RABINOWITZ.

I would be very happy to hear >from anyone,especially the AGOLNICK
family if they have any information regarding other children of the
above Moshe of Kletzk and/or Rabbi David's family name.


Shana Tova to one and all.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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