Re: Unrecorded marriage #general


I can quote the case of a rabbi accredited to the civil registry and fallen
to not register a religious marriage:
"Icek GRYNCAJG (or GRUNZEIG, or GRUNCWEJG), rabbi of the 5th district of
Warsaw, despite the law, did not register the marriage contracted by
Hindensa (Hindesa) nee GESUNDHEIT (GEZUNDCHEJT) on 16 July 1891. To the
extent that he has already been convicted twice violating the rules on civil
registers, the Warsaw police commander sentenced him to pay a fine of 90
rubles and to be banned by binding order to practice rabbinic affairs.
False marriages were one of the tricks of Jewish pimps to capture their
young victims. Personally having an ancestor soaked in this kind of story, I
could have some indirect datas on your subject if you develop it. Contact me
privatly if necessary.

Daniel VANGHELUWE, France

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