Re: Shortened Given Names #general

Judith Singer

Yes, Szulim might have been a shortened form of Meshulam. JewishGen offers the
Given Name Database at, which can be of great
help on questions like this. Input a name and a country and it will provide
variants and nicknames, as well as likely English versions of the names.

"Meshulam" in Poland yields the local secular version Meszulim and the
nickname Shilem, but not Szulim. Bearing in mind the advice JewishGen
gives regarding 19th century records >from Poland, that "spelling is
irrelevant", and that due to our ancestors' inventiveness and casual
attitude re names and nicknames, vagaries in spelling, and differing
practices regarding transliteration, the GNDB does not contain all the
variations of a name that actually occurred, Szulim might have been
yet another variation of Meshulam. However, if you input "Szulim"
itself in Poland, the GNDB lists it as a local secular variation of Shalom.

Good luck - Judith Singer

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