Re: missing MEISTER death on all but one database #general

Emily Garber

Marty Meyers asked about locating a death record for Anna Meister (died 26 Dec
1931 in Brooklyn, NY) and mused about checking FamilySearch microfilm.

Be advised of two things: one may still certainly go to a Family History Center
or affiliate and check microfilm (if they decided to keep their film rolls on
long-term loan), but one may no longer borrow rolls >from the Family History
Library in Salt Lake City (due to issues with availability of microfilm and
maintenance microfilm readers they have stopped lending as of last week).

Never fear, however! It turns out that the BMD certificates for New York City
have been digitized by FamilySearch and are available to be viewed via
computers at Family History Centers or Libraries. They may also be available
at affiliate libraries and centers.

For Anna Meister's death certificate, go to the catalogue on FamilySearch:
Enter Brooklyn for the place and then click on the appropriate Brooklyn (United
States, New York, Kings, Brooklyn). Click Search. A list of items in their
catalogue for this location will be displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the page
and select vital records, then "Brooklyn, death certificates, 1919-1949"
< >
[Shortened URL: ]

The microfilm roll (2,070,587) of interest includes a camera icon (all in this
collection do). That means the certificates have been digitized.

Find a Family History Center near your home and make sure to take a thumb drive
with you so you may download the digitized image.

I have visited a small Family History Center near my home twice in the last
couple of weeks to acquire birth, marriage and death certs. This easy access
has substantially changed my research process!

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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