Polish records, in Russian 1868 and beyond #general


Firstly, I would like to thank 2 amazing people who volunteered with great
effect to translate a trove of records in Polish and thereby uncovering a
family tree going back to the 1700's. They know who they are, and they are,
what if nothing else, all of this effort is among our greater group, dedicated,
amazing, and bringing the memory back in part of a once possibly erased people.
Not in this case. This family is back. I have thanked them and thank them yet
again immensely for their not only kindness but also being interested as we
unfolded the story of this particular family as we watched the births, deaths,
and marriages in succession over 100 years, and even speculated about them
together. The data was very rich even with these tiny records of Birth,
Marriage and Death.

I have the last of the project at hand starting with 1868, when the records
were then recorded in Russian. No longer in Polish. There are about 15-20
records. The digital copies are very clear.

Is there anyone who might be inclined to translate these? The births and deaths
will be relatively short, and a few marriages longer, as you may know, if you
have done this before.

Any help to complete this family line project is already appreciated in advance.

Please reply to the email, and not to the listserv.

Kind regards

Joe Glass

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