Translation postcard in German #general

Tsiporah Trom


I've posted a postcard in German on Viewmate at this address:

If a full translation in English is possible, please, it would mean so
much to me. Otherwise a transcription in German would also be great.

Some background information about this letter:

In 1919, Yaakov Gerstein (living in Hanover, Germany and married to Bayla
Breindel Ellowitz)
wrote to Meyer Flachs (living in Scheveningen, Netherlands and married to
Elka Ellowitz, a niece of Bayla Breindel).

In this letter, he mentions twice the Trom family of Sanok (written Sanog).
The mother, Chaya Yudit Trom, is also his wife's niece.
She had recently lost her husband in 1916 and was left with six small
children to raise on her own.

Chaya Yudit is my husband's great grandmother, she was later killed in
Auschwitz with three of her children.

Any information you can give me is very valuable to us.

Best regards and shana tova,

Geraldine Trom
Antwerp, Belgium

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