KGB investigation Files #general

Roman Ravve

Working with the archival-investigation Files >from 1930-1940s, I am
always fascinated how many biographical and genealogic information it
contains. People had been going through the serious of interviews,
giving the information about their relatives at home and all around
the globe. It lasted for half a year or more, when the arrested has
been waiting >from one interrogation to another, sitting in a cell.

They have been asked about their education, employment, political
involvement, the distant family far away.

To bring up the investigation, you have to locate the particular
archive, where it stored at the moment. Then you have to contact them,
explain how you connected to the person and ask for copies. There can
be photos, copies of the personal documents, sometimes even the
personal correspondence, which has been withdrawn during the arrest.

There are several online databases and name lists, covering the
political convicts in USSR - which investigation Files stored in the
archives of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other exUSSR territories.
As well as the unpublished name lists of the Russians arrested abroad.

Roman Ravve
Kiev, Ukraine

POZNANSKY (Kamenetz-Podolsky, Kiev)
TREBUKOV (Gomel, Kharkov, Leningrad)
GUTMAN (Mozyr, Skrygalovka, Kiev)
RAVVE (Ananiev, Hashevate)
NERUBAY (Fastov, Andrushevka)

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