Re: Is 'Wesse' the town of Jejse (Yeysi, Jaisa, Jaisi, Jajsi, Ya'isi) in Vilna, Belarus? #general

Avrohom Krauss

Bette Stoop wrote in reply to Jenette Anderson:
…"I believe you are on the wrong track identifying the town of Wesse, Poland
(Russia). By the way, Vilna, Russia is now Vilnius, Lithuania, not Belarus".
While I do not know if Jenette has located the correct town, I can say she is
correct about Belarus. it is true that the city of Vilna, is Vilnius and in present
day Lithuania, the inquirer, was not referring to the city of Vilna, rather a town
located in the gubernia (province) of Vilna. She was asking about the town of
Jajsi. Jajsi is located located in the Belarussian part of Vilna Gubernia
(province). The former Vilna Gubernia encompasses an area which includes parts of
modern day Lithuania and Belarus and Jajsi is in Belarus.
Avrohom Krauss
Tell-Stone Israel

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