Reische: Unable to determine place of origin - what am I missing? #general

Alan Reische

I have identified my great-grandparents, who were known in this country
as 'Simon and Miriam Reische'. I have at least their approximate date of
entry to New York (1881), their dates of death and a picture of their
headstones, with a translation provided by another generous JewishGen. I
can follow them through the census and city directories databases at
JewishGen and Ancestry. When I try to search for them in the immigrant
databases under all surname variations I can think of, I come up empty.
I have posted a general inquiry in the Forum, with no responses, and
inquiries to others searching similar names gets no response. I
contacted a genealogist in Poland who can find no trace of them under
that surname in Rzezsow (my guess as to possible place of origin). The
only link I can find is a designation of my grandfather as ''Galician'
in some early records, which changed to 'Austrian' following his
marriage, and their early residence on Ridge Street LES, near a Zolina shul.

Comparing their Hebrew names on the headstones to their dissimilar
assumed names here I'm speculating that there was a significant name
change or Anglicization. All other family members >from that branch used
the name 'Reische' with its somewhat unusual spelling I seem to be at a
dead end. I did come across translations which state that 'Reische'
means wealthy (hardly true of an immigrant tailor).

With this modest information, and the older generation now gone are
there obvious steps I've missed that might be helpful? Is it likely that
there's a clue on their headstone, which translate as follows?

"Our Dear Father, Our teacher and Rabbi, Yishai (Pronounce Yee-shy - Means Jesse in
English) Gavriel the son of Avraham Mordechai Died the 2nd of Iyar

The Important (Distinguished) Woman, our teacher,Miriam the daughter of Yisrael
Meir "Fishatsloff?" Died the 26 of Iyar"

Please feel free to respond privately if the subject is not of general
interest, although I would guess that a number of JewishGen searchers
may encounter this problem.

Alan Reische

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