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Peter has asked about Jewish migrants >from Vienna entering Great Britain.

I happen to own a very interesting little book titled The Internment of
Aliens. It was written by F Lafitte, described as a social and economic
researcher, and published in 1940 by Penguin. The book was found by my late
Parents in Booths bookshop in Hay-on-Wye (UK readers will know what this is)
many years ago, but only recently, when doing background research for my
family history, did I actually take the book off the shelf and read it.

I wished I had done so earlier. It's a fascinating read: full of
interesting statistics on the make-up of the refugees, eye-witness accounts
and parliamentary speeches. The subject, as may be guessed >from the title,
relates to the efforts to get refugees (Jewish and non-Jewish) out of
Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, usually without British government
assistance. It details the reasons behind the British government's policy of
internment, how it was actually physically carried out and how "enemy alien
tribunals" operated. It also gives descriptions of the internment camps -
some of which seem to have been pretty frightful.

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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Prior to the start of WWII the UK (as well as the US) had a
policy of refusing DP's and refugees, particularly Jewish ones.

In the case of a cousin, the Vienna police records state that this
person "went to England" does not reflect whether or not they actually
gained entry. If that is the case, what happened to those persons?

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