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Phyllis Kramer

Wendy Griswald asked:
"In 1916, would a foreign-born woman automatically derive citizenship
from her American-born husband? Would there be paperwork? Although her
age on her marriage cert is 18, she might have been as young as 16.
It's very unlikely she would have naturalized at that age and even
less likely that her parents would have naturalized by 1916."

Wendy...yes a foreign born woman would automatically derive citizenship when
marrying an American citizen (up through 1922). There would be no paperwork;
she would use her husbands certificate. However, she could apply for a
document of derivative citizenship directly to the Immigration and
Naturalization Service and that letter would be in her file.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has the only nationwide
index of naturalization records >from 1906-1956 and is the only way to get
derivative certificate information. Requesting a file is a two-step process
with two sets of fees: $65 for a microfilm index search (Form G-1041) and $65
for the actual records (Form G1041A); forms are at
For full details see ; for the index
search see

I would also suggest following any state or federal census ( or to verify the citizenship question.

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