Reclaim The Records gets the **New Jersey Marriage Index, 1901-2016!** Now online, **Free!** #general


Non-profit activist group Reclaim The Records is proud to announce the
free public availability of the **New Jersey Marriage Index, 1901-2016!**

Now you can research anyone who got married in the Garden State right
from your own home. It's 115 years of data, about five million
records, totally FREE forever! No logins or usage restrictions or
paywalls here, and all of the data finally back in the public domain.

Here's the direct link to the records, which are now online at the
Internet Archive:

Read all about these records, and how we got them, in our latest newsletter:

Special shout-out to genealogist Alec Ferretti for his hard work on
this open records case. (Alec does Jewish genealogy, in addition to
Italian, Latin American, and northeastern US.)

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Founder and President, Reclaim The Records

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