FINALY origins #general

G. C. Kalman

Dear Siggers,

One of my ancestors was Loebl (Levi) FINALY (also known as "Bass(ist)"
or "Musicant"), who lived in the late 18th century, Obuda (now part of
Budapest, Hungary), and was a leader of a keyzmer band there. Some
sources claim that he (or his family) arrived >from Italy, but there is
no reliable evidence for that. Does anybody have any further information
about the origin of the family?
Thank you,

Gyorgy C. Kalman (Hungary)

Researching (among others)
MARKFELD (Przevidze/Privigye)
SUSMAN/SZISMAN (Hunovce/Hunfalva)
KOHN/KALMAN (Budapest)

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