Families in Hesse plus question about Jewish Transmigration Bureau Deposit Card #general

Alice Josephs


I am looking for information on my up to now mysterious family of my late
maternal grandmother Paula MARKUS. Mining Ancestry.com records, I have
managed to construct a family tree with the following surnames and towns.
Has anyone any information on these families?

DAVID Fischborn, Main-Kinzig-Kreis/Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
GOLDSCHMIDT Hermannstein, Wetzlar, Lahn-Dill-Kreis, Hesse, Germany
GRUEN Luetterz, Gersfeld, Fulda, Hesse, Germany
LOEBENSTEIN Markoebel, Hammersbach, Hesse Germany
MARKUS Otterstadt, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Rheinland Pfalz/Hainchen, Kreis
B├╝dingen, Hesse/Roedelheim, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
REIS Huettengesaess, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
REGENSTEIN Leeheim, Gross-Gerau, Hesse, Germany
SALOMON Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
SPEYER Lindheim, Altenstadt, Wetteraukreis, Hesse, Germany

I am looking especially for the fate and/or descendants of:

Albert DAVID b: 15 Jun 1880 in Hesse, Germany
............ + Olga SALOMON b: 23 Aug 1883, m: 07 Jan 1909 in Frankfurt am
Main, Hesse, Germany

Theodor DAVID b: 19 Apr 1881
............ + Batti (Fanny) LOEBENSTEIN b: 05 Jun 1898 in Markoebel,
Hammersbach, Hesse, Germany m: 21 Dec 1923 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse,

Albert and Theodor DAVID are the maternal first cousins of my maternal great
grandfather Abraham MARKUS of Roedelheim, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany.

Theodor and Fanny DAVID seem to be in the Jewish Transmigration Records with
Fanny as the beneficiary and Theodor as the depositor to go to Buenos Aires,
Argentina. The card only has their names and Frankfurt am Main on it and I
do not have any date for the card.

However I think they disappear off Frankfurt am Main Ancestry.com records
around 1937. The card is stamped "closed." If anyone can also help me with the
significance of this, I would be very grateful.

I would be grateful if you would copy any list mailing direct to me.

Alice Josephs
London, UK

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