Seeking Family of Samuel Abramowitz Born Circa 1898 (in NY or Russia?) #general


Dear JewishGendom,
I am having trouble searching for the parents and possible siblings of a Samuel
Abramowitz who lived in the New York City area before he passed away in 1982 ~ but
my main problem is not his last name but rather the accuracy of the information I
have as to where he may or may not have been born. >from his marriage license, his
death certificate, and the Social Security Death Index, I started with the
following initial data:

The parents of this Samuel Abramowitz were Morris Abramowitz and Sarah
Abramowitz. He was born either Dec. 6, 1895 in New York (Death Certificate), or
Dec. 14, 1898 in Manhattan (Marriage License Application), or 4 Dec 1898 (Social
Security Death Index).

I have searched repeatedly for him on the US Census, but whenever I find a
Sam/Samuel Abramowitz candidate with the right first named parents, and the right
birth year range -- he turns out to be listed as being born in Russia, not the US.
The main candidate here who turns up on the 1905 NY State Census, 1910 Census, and
1920 Census lived on Eldridge Street in Manhattan.

I have checked the NYC Birth Indexes at the NYC Municipal Archives but there is
no entry for a Sam/Samuel Abramowitz (or "male" or "infant") born in Manhattan in
December 1898 listed there. (Though there is a Sam Abramowitz born in Brooklyn in
Dec 1898 but his parents turned out to have completely different first names.) I
have also searched through the NYC Birth Indexes for the years 1895-1898.

Recently I visited the NY Public Library at 42nd Street and combed through both
the 1900 Census Soundex for New York and the 1920 Census Soundex for New York but
I still can't find a Morris Abramowitz with a son named Sam born circa 1895-1898
who was born in the US.

Could it be possible that someone who came here when he was a baby might have
thought he was born in NY like his younger siblings, and not across the ocean like
his older siblings?

I look forward to your comments, advice, and suggestions. And if anyone might be
familiar with the family of this Samuel Abramowitz, born circa 1895-1898, (either
in NY or elsewhere like Russia or England), who lived in Queens, NY, before he
passed away in 1982, and who was the son of Morris and Sarah Abramowitz, I look
forward to hearing >from you.
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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