Can someone tell me where Sokola, Poland is located? #general

David Perley

My ancestors were the Perlowitz family >from Sokola, Lomza, Russia. They came to
America in 1883 to 1900. I have been trying to figure out where Sokola is in
Lomza, Poland. I am wondering if anyone knows if Sokola is another name for Sokoly,
Poland or Gac, Poland. Sokola may be entirely different town.

They belonged to the CONG. Ahawa Sholem Anshea Sokola in New York . I have a
Hamburg Ship Manifest that list their residence as Sokolok, Russland. I have
another ship manifest that listed the city as Sokola >from the Lomza providence.

I would appreciate any help in this matter.

David Perley

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