Re: Seeking Family of Samuel Abramowitz Born Circa 1898 (in NY or Russia?) #general


Judi asked: Could it be possible that someone who came here when he was a baby
might have thought he was born in NY like his younger siblings, and not across the
ocean like his older siblings?

The short answer is yes, or he may have chosen to mis-state the facts as my family
did. My GM's older sibs, born 1884 and 1887 in Russia, came to NY prior to 1891.
The only record I have which shows their true birthplace is the 1900 census in
which they are in an orphanage. Every subsequent census (I can't find them in
1905), marriage, and death record I have for them shows birth in NY. My GM was
born in Russia shortly before her mother and sibs emigrated, she didn't come to NY
until ten years later. Her first marriage license in 1920 shows birth as NY but
records after that do show Russia and she did go through the citizenship process.
Her older sibs never did.

Sherri Venditti
The Berkshires, USA

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