Changes In Google Country Settings when Doing Searches in Domains Other Than Your Own Region #general

Jan Meisels Allen

Many of us use Google for genealogically-relevant searches. For those who
visit Google in different domains, this is of interest. Different domains
could (USA); (Canada) google. Fr (France); (Israel) (Germany), (United Kingdom), (Australia), etc. as of October 27 you may no longer receive
localized results by visiting the different domains. Typing in URL country
codes will no longer work. Instead Google will deliver search results only
relevant to your current location no matter which domain you visit.

You will be able to change your country's results by changing the settings
menu at the bottom of or whichever google domain is your
country's domain.

1. Go to your usual Google page ( in my case
2. At the bottom of the page on desk tops and scroll down on mobile phones
where on the lower right is the word "settings".
3. Click on settings,
4. Then click on "search settings".
5.On the search setting page scroll down to "region settings"
6. On region settings to stay where you are , click on "current region" to
change to a different country click on the name of the Country.
7. Click on Save.
The saved setting are available whenever you sign-in. If after you do a
search on the saved country you wish to revert to your "current region" or
another country you need to click on that named button and save.

Google says they are doing this because one out of five searches is related
to location.

Regarding the European Union's "right to be forgotten" and the removal of
specific results, the users will see removed results appropriate for their
set location. However, if the country they're physically in requires
results to be removed no matter what, then results will get stripped out
regardless of which location they choose.

Google already uses this process for Gmail and YouTube. It will also apply
to Google Maps and IOS Google app.

To read about this see:
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Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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