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David Zoldan

I have had great success thanks to the generous people who read this forum,
so I will ask another question

My ancestor is R. Moshe Yehuda (Leib) STEINBERG. He is a direct descendant
ben achar ben >from R. David HaLevi SEGAL known as the Turei Zahav.

He may have lived and passed away in Hukliva, Studena, Izky, or Pylypetz.
These suggestions are based on where many of his descendants settled.

My problem is that Moshe Leib has at least one grandson who was born in his
lifetime who was given the same name as him, at least in part. His grandson
was called Moshe Shmuel. Obviously this observation was surprising for me
considering the custom in the Ashkenazi communities to name only after the
dead. Even if Moshe Shmuel were named after a different grandfather or
given a different name altogether for a different reason, usually the custom
was to avoid using the name "Moshe" at all since the grandfather Moshe Leib
was living.

In other words, it was suggested to me that the grandson Moshe Shmuel may
have been named after a different grandfather also called Moshe Shmuel,
while his other grandfather Moshe Yehuda (Leib) was living. That sounds
like a possibility to me but I haven't heard of cases where this was done.

Obviously I don't intend to have a discussion regarding jewish custom
except perhaps as it pertains directly to my question.

My question is: Can anybody share with me similar stories where a living
grandparents name was used in naming an ashkenazi grandchild. I would
especially like to hear confirmed cases but would be happy to receive any
info or ideas. In those cases where the grandparents name was used to name
a baby what was the reason for giving the name while the grandparent was alive.

I have considered the possibility that my data could be off and really Moshe
Leib had passed away before Moshe Shmuel was born, but I don't think it's
possible at all. Moshe Leib had at least 1 child born a few years after
Moshe Shmuel was born.

I am happy to hear any suggestions specific to my question and / or general

Thank you all,

Avraham David ZOLDAN
Researcher 382214
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