How A SIG Can Further Genealogy Research featured at JSC Cleveland #general

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How A SIG Can Further Genealogy Research featured at JSC Cleveland

Genealogy experts, Amy Wachs and Russ Maurer, will present How a SIG Can Further
Genealogy Research at the Wednesday, November 8th meeting of the Jewish Genealogy
Society of Cleveland. Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, bring together family
history researchers with common interests.In Jewish genealogy, SIGs are organized
around region of origin or special topics. Amy Wachs and Russ Maurer have
extensive experience with a variety of SIGs, as users, volunteers, and in
leadership positions. In their presentation, they will draw on their knowledge to
explain how SIGs work and how SIGs can help genealogy research.

Amy Wachs is the current President of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.
She is a member of the Board of LitvakSIG, and Coordinator for the Trakai District
Research Group. Wachs is a retired attorney and university instructor; was a
Fulbright Scholar and taught law in Latvia. She later returned to Eastern Europe
to teach law in Moldova, as a two-time Fulbright Senior Specialist. While living
in Eastern Europe, Wachs travelled extensively throughout the region. She has
done research on-site at state archives in Lithuania and Poland, and visited
archives in Ukraine and Moldova. In June, she taught a full-week course on Eastern
Europe genealogy research at the Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh. She
often speaks to local groups and at conferences on Eastern Europe and Jewish
genealogy topics.

Russ Maurer is active in Jewish genealogy, including serving as a
member of the board of LitvakSIG and coordinator for the Klaipeda
district research group. He will assume responsibility for
coordinating records acquisition and translation for LitvakSIG and is
a volunteer indexer and translator for LitvakSIG and Gesher Galicia.
Maurer is the administrator for the Jewish Tarnow FaceBook group and
is active on other FaceBook groups including Jewish Genealogy Portal
and Genealogy Translations. He has been part of a long-term
collaboration with Polish colleagues regarding the Jewish cemetery in
Jodowa, his ancestral village, and helps support the Tarnow cemetery
restoration. Maurers's expertise includes on-the-ground research in
Polish archives and genealogy related travel in Lithuania and Ukraine.
Russ Maurer retired in 2014 >from a career in science education,
including Case Western Reserve University and Hawken School.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland meets on the first Wednesday
evening of the month starting at 7:30 PM in the Miller Board Room at
Menorah Park, 27100 Cedar Road, Beachwood. Board members are
available at a Help Desk >from 7:00 PM to assist with individual
research questions. Guests are welcome. RSVP to:

Sylvia F. Abrams
1st Vice-President - Programming
Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland

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