Re: Zoss family from Russia #general

Joseph Fibel

Dear Paul,

In the first place, not all Ships Manifests survived.. The lost ones
are just gone.

I would take the 1904 date as preferable since it was closest to his
actual arrival..The Morton-Allen of ship's arrivals, lists The Red Star
Line as the only one servicing Antwerp/New York,. There were roughly
ship 50 arrivals in NY and additional to Philly .

I had a similar experience with my wife's maternal grandmother. Her
name here was Minnie but she born Minne Rivl. . Somebody suggested that
I I try different variations of the letters of the name or the sound
of it. I found it but it took several days. Then,searching thru Steven Morse's
EIDB try a different combination, keeping track all along.. Then try it with
using only the surname, etc.

I notice that you do not mention Death, Marriage, or Birth
Certificates.. These are very important tools for genealogists.I
suggest that you get the death certificates of
those whose death dates you are unsure about, Nathan's first.. You
don't have to do it all at once. I also don't think you should worry
about differences in the name spelling. People change their names all the time and
when you move to a different country, the language often changes with different
pronunciations of words..

Although you don't say where you live, you may be in a location near
one of the many Jewish Genealogical Societies dotting the country.
where some are having similar problems and others, more advanced ,help untie the
knots. I hope that you have posted all your surnames and localities to the JGFF .
This is an awesome tool.

Another suggestion is for you to subscribe to Gersig on Jewish, and look for your your communities on the Kehilllah (community) Links.

Good luck!

I''ll see you on Germansig.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

Paul Arthur Zoss wrote:

I'm at a dead end. I'd like to find out where my ancestors came >from and what my
original surname was...Before 1907, my grandfather Nathan Zoss came to the U.S.

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