HURWITZ -ABRAMOWITZ connection Novarodok-19th cent. #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am trying to confirm a supposed connection between the HURWITZ
family and ABRAMOWITZ of Novarodok.

Details of the above HURWITZ family:
One branch headed by R' Shimon HURWITZ , a Schochet by profession came
to Petach Tikva (Israel) probably around beginning of the 20th cent.
One daughter married POCHOVITZ . They lived in Chicago for a few
years. Both daughter and husband deceased decades ago.

Another branch emigrated to Hartford,Ct.(USA) during latter part of
19th cent. R' Issac Simcha HURWITZ was a Rabbi in Hartford till mid
1930s. He wrote book on the Ramba"m (Maimonides). Children
includeBERMAN and WACHSMAN families.

Supposed connection appears in my mother's (Adina KATZOFF-ABRAMOWITZ)
autobiography interviews with my grandfather's sisters (Chaya Dina

In addition to the above, my grandfather's great grandfather
(ABRAMOWITZ) was a brother of a Rabbi David who served as the Rabbi of
Novarodok during the first years of the 19th cent. (wrote "Galia
Mesechta"). This Rabbi married off his daughter (name?) to the son of
Mordechai HURWITZ of Minsk. I am not sure if Mordechai is connected
to my HURWITZ family of Novarodok.

Having joined recently the HOROWITZ association family group, I am
not sure if a similar message as above was accepted correctly.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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