Re: Is given name Eyzor/Ozer/Oyzer linked to Ezra? #general

Judith Singer

Eyzor, Ozer, and Oyzer are all vernacular (non-Hebrew) versions of the
Hebrew name Ezra - more than just nicknames, but "linked" to the name
Ezra. In JewishGen's Given Name Database, the name Ezra does not
appear alone but as "Ezra demitkari Ozer". I recommend the section of
the Database entitled "Jewish Given Names, 1795-1925" which will be
able to explain the concept of linked names better than I can.

The double-name format would more likely have been Ezra-Eyzor than the
reverse, because the Hebrew name comes first in a double name.

The spelling differences are inconsequential, arising >from the fact
that the names were recorded not just in different languages but in
different alphabets >from the one used in English, plus of course
Hebrew does not have vowels as such.

Judith Singer

From: Stephen Cohen <drstevecohen@...>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017

While searching through the Ukrainian indices on Jewishgen, specifically for
the town Ivnitsa (eastern edge of Volhynia), I came across possible records of

The given name "Ezra" is known in my family >from Ivnitsa. At least one record
in the index shows an "Ejzor" (probably Litvak pronunciation of Oyzer/Ozer, to
rhyme with "razor").

Is Ejzor a nickname for Ezra? Is it linked somehow (not just >from the same
"shoyresh"/root spelled ayin-zayin-resh) to Ezra, in the same manner as you
often see "Ayzik-Yitzhak/Itzik)? Would someone likely be named Eyzor-Ezra in
double-name format? Why or why not?
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