ROTTERSMAN Family, Bochnia, Poland #general

Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I am researching my mother's family in Galicia. My grandfather was Samuel
ROTTERSMAN (1895-1947), who was the son of Isaac Rottersman (1861-1931) and
Malka (Mishket) BLONSKI (1860-1906). Isaac lived in Bochnia, Poland (some
of the records mention Stanislawice). I knew of two sisters of my
grandfather, Sadie (1889-1965) and Esther (1897-1964). Isaac had a second
family with his second wife, Itel LANDWIRTH (1881-1939), of which the only
one I had heard of was Nathan (Nutke) (1915-1996).

When I began research into the Rottersman family, I discovered that there
were more branches of the family. I learned >from other researchers that
there were other Rottersmans in Bochnia. One of my cousins mentioned a
number of Rottersmans in the Bochnia cemetery.

I would like to find out whether some of these other branches are connected
to my family. My grandfather's father Isaac was the son of Samuel (or Szmuel
in Polish). I found another Szmuel Rottersman who died in Bochnia in 1897,
but I do not think he was the Szmuel who was my grandfather's grandfather.
Among this Szmuel's children was Yussel Leib Rottersman (1852-1917), of whom
two children, Regina (1875-1956) and Chaim Baruch (1878-1953), immigrated
to the United States. I think the children of another, Elimelech (1880-1931),
remained in Europe and may have died in the Shoah.

There are also a number of other Rottersmans who lived in the general area,
although not necessarily near Bochnia. I have been able to use various
sources to link the various records to obtain the branches of the family.

If anyone can help with suggestions, please let me know.

Sheldon Dan

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