Searching for relatives in Israel #bessarabia

Jana Marcus <jana@...>

Hi Bessarabians....

Does anyone know a service or person who can help find relatives in Israel?
The famous Batya Unterschatz in Jerusalem, whose Jewish Agency-Search Bureau
for Missing Relatives, seems to have closed her doors around 2005. I tried
to write to the IGS but got no reply. I need help...

I recently found old letters belonging to my grandmother, Rae Babchuck
Marcus Herzl, which were correspondences between her and some cousins in
Rishon Lezin in the early 1970s. There are several letters and the return
address name spellings change abit in each one, but the return address is:

Jona Wechsler (also written as Yona Wexler)
PO Box 370, Rishon Lezion, Israel

There is also an address of Hana and/or Ilan Rosenstock, 128 Pine Road (or
President Road), Haifa, Israel

The letters are signed Jona, Genia, and Hana Wechsler (Wexler). They seems
to be sisters

In one of the letters >from Jona she writes that she will be getting married
in Rishon Lezion on April 8, 1973, and has rented an apartment at Shalom Ach
Street 7/3, Rimat Eliahu in Rishon Lezion. I do not know what her married
name is.

Any help you can give would be so greatly appreciated, or if you could tell
me who could help me find these cousins, or their children, would be

Thank you!
Jana Marcus
Researching MARKUS, SAGANOVSKAYA in Kishnev and Rashkov
BABCZUK, BABCHUCK, BEBCHICK in Berezna, Volynia, Ukraine

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