Looking for M GOLDENZON's descendants in the USA #general

charles goldenzon

Looking for grandchildren or ggrandchildren of M GOLDENZON, born in Poland and who
was living in the USA prior to WW2. M was male, but I don t know what M stands for
and my searches/contacts so far have been unsucsessful.

M Goldenzon was Symcha Goldenzon's brother, son to Yser Mordko and Chasia G
oldenzon. His reference is given in his nephew's -Mordko Goldenzon - 1946 survivor
card. Symcha Goldenzon, his wife (Chaja Fajga, born Tau) and their 3 children -
Icek, Mordko and Perla - lived in Siedliszcze and moved to Chelm around 1929.

Please respond privately with any contact information.


Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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