JGS of Georgia - Meeting Sunday, Dec 3, 2017- A 25-year Grass Roots Effort to Access and Index Records for Lyakhovichi, Belarus #general

Peggy Freedman <peggyf@...>

The next meeting of the JGS of Georgia will feature Gary Palgon speaking
about the history of his research on the town of Lyakhovichi, Belarus
and how to use these techniques to research your own ancestral town.

Sunday, December 3, 2017
2:00 PM
at The Breman Museum
1440 Spring Street
Atlanta, Georgia

Admission is free to members.
Non-Members will pay for Museum admission.

Gary Palgon started tracing his family tree in 1980, but began the
journey of digging for records in Belarus in 1994. Beginning with a
visit and subsequently creating a Lyakhovichi Special Interest Group
(SIG) which helped to fund and access more than 40 data sources dating
back to 1784, he and other members accumulated more than 26,000 records,
documents, images and more. Gary will discuss his journey, how others
helped along the way, both in the United States and Belarus and give
tips on how to do the same for other places. Additionally, Gary will
share his expertise on related projects which included restoring,
cataloging and publishing an ancestral cemetery in Poland and his
success in publishing more than a dozen family tree books.

Peggy Freedman

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