Seeking information on Jewish ancestor Joseph Morris b. 1858 in Germany #general

Casey Dickson <caseydianadickson@...>


I am helping my boyfriend to research his Jewish ancestry. His
great-grandparents were Jewish and were both registered with the
Online Worldwide Burial Registry.

Where I have hit a wall in my research is finding information on his
great-grandfather, Joseph Morris b. 1858 in Germany. He married Flora
Hellwitz (I have found extensive information on her line). The census
records I see give conflicting timeframes on immigration, putting him
immigrating 1859, 1860, and 1890. His occupation was a cigar maker,
and he owned his own shop in Denver, Colorado. He died December 21,
1937 and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Denver CO in plot Y-01-17
according to the Online Jewish Burial registry, however on the Rose
Hill Cemetery plot search he is listed as being placed in Y-01-24.

Seeking information on his family and anything else that may come up.

Thank you,
Casey Dickson

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