Lodz Registration Extraction Update - 85,000 Names #general

Margalit Ashira Ir

Dear Fellow Researchers,

It is the time of year for celebrations of life and miracles. Our
team on the Lodz Registration Cards Extraction team have been working
hard to bring light to more Jewish names >from the City of Lodz. While
it's not a miracle, it is time for celebration. Today, entries for
additional 15,000 Jewish names of men, women and children resident in
Lodz between 1916-1925 are now part of the JRI-Poland database. Thus,
a total of 85,000 Jewish names are now searchable on JRI-Poland.

The Lodz Registration Card Project is a marathon. There is so much
more to do. We welcome additional volunteers to help us complete the

Our volunteer team is extracting the cards in alphabetical order. If
you wish to prioritize the extraction of your family's name, a
donation of $54 per name will result in a quick and dedicated
spreadsheet for your use.

We also welcome donations >from researchers who have already made
discoveries in this data.

Finally, but always the most important, my thanks to all our
volunteers bringing these names to light. They are truly worldwide,
from Kenya to Spain, France and Belgium, Russia and Australia, Israel,
Brazil and the United States. Join our team to help complete this
project quickly.

Chag Sameach Chanukah, may your lives always be lit with health and

Margalit Ashira Ir
Project Lead: Lodz Registration Extraction
Clayton, CA

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