FindMyPast Free Access to British and Irish Roots Collection #general

Jan Meisels Allen

Findmypast has created a "special" collection >from its existing records
called the British and Irish Collection. The intent is to make it easier to
search specifically for the immigrant ancestor rather than searching the
entire Findmypast database. The collection spans more than 400 years of
migration between the British Isles and North America, all in one place, and
holds 98 million records. Currently, access to the database is free-no end
date was given, but can change at any time.

When searching the data base, the results return with an icon of a "page".
This indicates it is a transcription of the actual record. When you open the
icon, there is an opportunity to view the original source document, however,
for most of the source documents, a paid subscription is necessary. An
example of a free source document would be the US Census.

I did a search of the surname "Cohen"-no first name or other information
and received a return of 38,377 results. The results were from: Ireland,
England and Scotland and ranged >from the US Census to Passenger Lists
Leaving the UK (1890-1960), US Passenger Lists, US Marriages, Canadian
Border crossings and more. The country of origin was predominately listed
as England, and Ireland, but there were some >from Canada, Scotland and
Wales. In this example I did not find birth, and death records,
naturalization applications and draft registrations, but they are also
included in the collection's records. In full disclosure I did not view all
38,000 return results. If a record, such as a US military record, says the
soldier was born in Wales or Ireland or the UK, or in a US census record
someone in the family was born in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales then
that record should be in the collection. Anyone leaving the UK or Ireland
emigrating to Canada, the US or the Caribbean, or any British or Irish
immigrant who stopped temporarily in Canada en route to the US or Caribbean
and anyone listed on any US or Canadian record with British or Irish
origins, birthplace or parents should be in the collection.

To search the collection go to:
Original url:

Registration with your name, email and password is required.

I have no affiliation with Findmypast and am posting this solely for the
information of the reader.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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