Viewmate translations - Polish and German #general

Juliana Giudice <jbgiudice@...>

Hello everyone.

I'm exploring my great grandmother's family in Wolanka/Boryslaw, & I've
posted some records for which I need a translation.

There is 1 in German I think, the other 3 are in Polish. A full translation of all
info/columns would be very helpful. They are on ViewMate at the following

death of Chaim Gertler, could this be my GG grandfather?

marriage of Debora Gertler & N Halpern -- in German?

birth of Ruchel Halpern

birth of Chaim Josef Halpern -- can't find in Vad Yashem, wonder what
happened to him?

Apologies if I am double posting or doing this wrong.

Thanks very much!

Juliana Berland

searching for
Galician Ukraine (Wolanka/Boryslaw etc): FELDMAN - GERTLER - BADIAN -
Russian Ukraine (Vinnitsya): GOLDBERG
Russian Ukraine (Chernihiv, Romny & Lokhvitsa, Poltava, Kherson/Odessa):
Germany (Baden-Wurtemburg etc): BÄR/BAER, HAUSMANN, ADELSDORFER, ISAAK

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